​​​​​​​​​History of Sedalia

​​Sedalia's history dates back to 1865 when the town of Round Corral was originally founded by ​John H. Craig.​ ​In 1871, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad named their depot Plum Station.​​ The post office opens in 1872 and is named after Sedalia, Missouri by Heny M. Clay.
 ​In 1882,  ​the railroad rename​s Plum Station to Sedalia and the town becomes "official." Sedalia is platted by the National Land and Improvement Company.​​
Manhart Store and Post Office on Plum Avenue between 1882-1889.​


New York Governor Theodore Roosevelt's steam train #731 traveling by the Sedalia depot in 1905 as part of his campain for Vice President.


Plum Avenue looking southeast between 1890 -1920. Visible in the photo: the Karcher house with "Saloon" on the roof and the Marquis Victor House. 


View of Rio Grande Avenue from Plum Avenue looking northwest between 1890-1920. Denver and Rio Grande Depot is on the right with a sign "Sedalia."

Courtesy of Douglas County Historical Society. http://douglascountyhistory.org/

​View of Sedalia​ between 1880-1920 from the south looking northeast. This was probably taken about Hwy 105 and Hwy 67 (Manhart Avenue).

Interested in Sedalia's history? Check out this timeline brought to you by Douglas County Historical Society. 

Timeline of Sedalia